Jeremy Fuscaldo is a character designer, storyboard artist, and comic artist from North Bergen, New Jersey. He went to school at Nyack College where he independently studied cartooning while graduating with a B.A. in Communications. Since then, he has taken Continuing Education courses at School of Visual Arts in New York City, and has pursued an MFA in Visual Arts at William Paterson University where he has studied Animation. 


He is the creator of the self published webcomic series "Amelia Enmity".

His work has been exhibited at Keystone Comic Con and East Coast Comic Con.


He has also been featured on the social media platforms of Nick Splat, Disney XD, and Nickelodeon Animation. He has also designed title cards for various clients on Youtube and was featured in Nico Colaleo's "Tunes Collab" and "Jay Ward Collab".

Currently, he is looking for work in the Animation and Comics Industry.

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